Water Relief for the Summer 2017

You were sweating your ass off today weren't you? We hope you're staying hydrated and drinking water fam because this weather is no joke. Dehydration is a serious problem in heat like this, and if you're not drinking water, it can be fatal. Now think about folks who don't have access to clean water and are out here on the streets or even in their homes all throughout the day.

Food, Clothing & Resistance Collective and Blackout: Generation Liberation will be collecting donations of water and snacks at the Peace House DC, in order to pass them out for free to folks throughout the week. The more donations we get the more days we can spend passing out water and keeping people hydrated because weather like this kills folks. We'll be out on 10th and Rhode Island Avenue NE every Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 4-8 pm.

If you'd like to donate cases of water, or snacks, drop them off at the Peace House DC: (1005 Rhode Island Avenue NE).
(Note: We prefer store brand water and not name brands like Nestle, Aquafina, Dasani etc.)

Or send donations to our PayPal:
BGL: PayPal.Me/blackoutliberation
FCRC: Paypal.ME/SimaRBG

Also for more info contact Sima: