Zines + pdfs

Here you can explore the different principles and ideologies that encompass what resistance looks like for us as an organization, collective, and movement. All of the resources here are free ('cause that's how we do).


ASSATA: The Autobiography of Assata Shakur

MUST READ! This story includes the reflections, lessons, and experiences of the revolutionary and freedom fighter, Assata Shakur. We see this as a must read for everyone dedicated to the liberation and future of oppressed people. That's why we're providing it to you for free!

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The autobiography of malcolm x

Another highly suggested read (by highly suggested we mean "READ IT")! This book highlights the ideology and principles of Malcolm X and gives anyone a greater understanding of the oppressive systems of Amerika .


ACcomplices not allies: destroying the ally industrial complex

"The ally industrial complex has been established by activists whose careers depend on the “issues” they work to address. These nonprofit capitalists advance their careers offthe struggles they ostensibly support. They often work in the guise of “grassroots” or “community-based” and are not necessarily tied to any organization." - Indigenous Action Media


Let's become ungovernable

"We pledge resistance to this renewed attack on our communities.  As we resist, we will create new governing institutions, new economic relationships, and new ways of being human.  What we will not do is sanction and/or normalize “overt” white supremacy."- The Ungovernable 2017


an activist's guide to basic first aid (version 1.2)

"We've put this zine together mostly to go along with a first aid training. While doing the trainings we realized there was way more to say about first aid than we would have time to say it in. So we thought a little reading would maybe be helpful to y'all."- Black Cross Health Care Collective


hipster: the dead end of western civilization

"The hipster represents the end of Western civilization – a culture so detached and disconnected that it has stopped giving birth to anything new."-Douglas Haddow




A fascinating look at the impact of the African presence in Puerto Rico through the formation of Black Spanish, spoken by enslaved Africans and their descendants.



A dope read on the oft-forgotten Asian militancy of the 1960s, inspired by the fight against colonialism and the presence of the Black Panthers. Includes in-depth background about the Red Guard Party, Yellow Brotherhood, and Asian-American Hardcore, who went under surveillance with their association with Black radicals.




From the 1950s-1960s, Caribbean Creole has become a symbol of Black identity and cultural resistance to racism in the UK. The Creole language provides African Caribbeans of different Caribbean origins common ground for political and cultural struggle.


trials and tribulations: beyond sovereign immunity and toward reparation and reconciliation for the estelusti

A piece about the Estelusti (Black Indians) and reparations in the form of healing in relationship to Native Americans. This discussion includes where Black Indians figure into indigenous sovereignty, as well as how they fit into the context of African enslavement and settler-colonialism. 


queer roots in africa 

Dope work on queering Afrocentricity and the ancestral legacy of gender fluidity and sexuality on the continent. This also contradicts the oft-repeated cliche of queerness being a colonial import by showing European disapproval of gender fluidity in the Wolof nation. 


negroes with guns

The story of a Black southern community's struggle to arm itself against the Ku Klux Klan. Robert Franklin Williams was former head of the North Caroline branch of the NAACP. He eventually become an exile, escaping to Cuba and China with his wife, Mabel Williams, who also advocated for self-defense. 


pan-africanism and feminism

An incredible read on independence on the continent of Africa, decolonization, British colonialism in the Caribbean, and African gender discussions. Also features reviews of communism and the making of Black Left Feminism and the queer African reader. An absolute must. 


The Pedagogy of the oppressed

This is more of an academic read, but it's still something worth looking at. Paulo Freire emphasizes the importance of making classrooms connected to reality and experiences of the students. So when you have an unjust society, how should the classroom operate to make a change?

the spook who sat by the door.jpg

the spook who sat by the door

ANOTHER MUST READ! This fiction novel is classic! Sam Greenlee writes this creative story of a black man who applies to be an agent within the CIA but later on discovers that being a black man within such an institution won't get you where you're supposed to be or even deserve to be. He later leads an uprising using everything he learned from the CIA, creating "Freedom Fighters" in his hood and community.