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Emotional Emancipation Circle- DC Metro Area- Every Wednesday

Emotional Emancipation Circles are weekly support groups for ALL Black people to come together to process the emotional legacies of enslavement and anti-Black trauma (past and present) with the intention to foster individual and collective healing. 

"In Emotional Emancipation (EE) Circles, we come together to:

- *Affirm the humanity of ALL Black people
(Black Trans Folk, Black Gender Non-Conforming Folk, Black Queer Folk, Black Women, Black Men, Black Youth, Black Muslims, Black Immigrants, Black Differently Abled Folk, Black Returning Citizens, Black Working Class Folk, Black People Experiencing Homelessness...ALL of us)

- Share our stories

- *Deepen our understanding, through an intersectional lens, of the impact of historical forces on our emotional lives, our relationships, and our community

- *Carefully identify internalized white supremacy and the many ways it manifests (i.e. learned helplessness, anti-Blackness, patriarchy, misogynoir, cissexism, homoantagonism, transphobia, etc.)

- Free our minds and spirits from the lie of Black inferiority and heal from the emotional legacies of enslavement and anti-Black racism

- Tell ourselves a new, liberating, and empowering story about who we are as people of African ancestry

- Atone and revitalize ourselves and our relationships with each other

- Learn and practice essential emotional wellness skills to help us be at our very best – as individuals and as a people

- Address the root cause of the devaluing of Black lives by developing strategies to extinguish the lie of Black inferiority wherever we find them–once and for all.

As EECs are intimate spaces, I'll only be able to allow 25 people each session, so if you'd like to attend our next session, please arrive early to reserve your seat or pre-register through PayPal ( EEC sessions are offered on a sliding scale of $10-$35. You are welcome to submit your payment through paypal, or cash/card at the door.

The EE Circles process was developed and refined by members of the Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi) ( in collaboration with Community Healing Network (
* Additions made by Erika Totten, Unchained Spiritual Life
** This space is wheel-chair accessible
*** ASL Interpreter can be present if needed, please email
*** If you need transportation support getting to the space, please email by Tuesday at 6pm
****Childcare can be provided if requested by Sunday evening."